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Installing Shutters on French Doors

It is surprising how often we have customers ask if there is anything we can offer to cover their glass doors. The application of interior shutters to French Doors is probably one of the best liked solutions we offer. I find the lack of a window box or the normal depth found i windows, would make most people think there is no way to install a shutter. By using a custom made frame, we can create a opening with the correct depth to hold the shutter panel.

French Door Shuters in Bainbrige Georgia

These shutters are mounted on a single French Door and two fixed panels. Panels are always hinged for opening so the glass can be cleaned periodically.

Sometimes if there is a lever lock present, we can route out the back of the frame to offset the shutter away fro the lock, so the panel can still be opened.

French door shutter in Thomasville Georgia

If the door stile is too narrow to offset the shutter panel, we can have extensions made for your door locks that will match the brand and the finish of the lockset.

French Door Shutters in Tallahassee Florida


These Oil Rubbed Bronze extensions were installed to bring the levers out past the face of these panels.

Extensions are usually about the same expense as having a lock cutout applied, whick drastically alters the looks of the door.

French Door Plantation Shutters in Tallahassee Florida

Large 3 1/2" Louvers allows customers to maintain their view through glass doors, and to also be able to control light and privacy. French door shutters also give a uniform look to a home when the windows have shutters as well.

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